Achieving a more vibrant local economy with significant economic benefits for residents without the destructive exploitation of people and natural resources is possible.

For over a decade, the Amadiba community have invested significant effort and resources in the fight to protect their land and way of life. They don’t just want to fight AGAINST imposed extractive and destructive ‘development’ projects, they primarily want to fight FOR a prosperous future based on a  sustainable economy of agriculture and community-controlled ecotourism.

Opportunities exist in Mpondoland for residents to build a local economy based on the rich natural and cultural resources of the area. Collaboration between residents and support organisations, based on a democratic, grassroots agenda, can grow local enterprises that utilise these resources in a responsible and sustainable way.

“We feel proud that we are Mpondo people because the tourists came, loving whatever we do! We share knowledge, experiences and love. Hosting reminds us of ubuntu and our humanity and helps us pay school fees.” Mpondoland Homestay Hostess