“We need to know how a toll road develops people. Where in the world has a toll road ever developed people?” Her Majesty Masobhuza Sigcau, Queen of Eastern Mpondoland.

In 2001 a consortium of engineering companies put in an unsolicited bid to build a tolled extension to the N2 between Port Edward and East London. This includes upgrading existing sections of the N2, building a new “greenfields” section between Port Edward and Lusikisiki and two multi billion rand mega bridges over the Msikaba and Mtentu gorges.

Government and supporters of the highway say it will create jobs, open the area up for much-needed development and ‘unlock the economic potential of the Eastern Cape.’ Those opposed believe that upgrading the existing road network in the Eastern Cape would consitute wiser use of state resources, be more effective in stimulating the local economy, be of more benefit to local people and be less socially and environmentally destructive.

Amadiba coastal residents have clearly stated that they do not want the road to be routed through their land. While the road may bring some benefit to an area that suffers from poor maintenance of existing roads, the negative impacts of the road (such as ribbon development, loss of farming and grazing lands, moving of graves, social disruption and environmental damage) will far outweigh any positive ones. A high speed toll road will primarily benefit travellers wanting to travel quickly between urban centres, rather than the local community.

Repeated requests have been made to SANRAL that the northernmost section of the highway be rerouted further inland to where residents are in favour of the highway.  SANRAL continues to insist on the present route which in some places is less than 3km from the coast.

It is clear that the toll road will enable the proposed mining.

“The new N2 Toll road does not satisfy our needs. It satisfies the needs for mining, and because we have rejected the mining, we definitely do not want it now.” Sikhosiphi Bazooka Radebe – Chairperson of Amadiba Crisis Committee assassinated in 2016. More on the murder of Bazooka Radebe

Articles and footage regarding resistance to the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road Project:

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On April 6 2017 SANRAL CEO, Mr Skhumbuzo Macozoma, visited the community to hear their concerns. He was asked to leave when the people realised he didn’t have the power to adequately respond to issues raised. He promised to return with answers. They are still waiting. https://youtu.be/kYEJy2RmnYk

50/50 covered the controversial story of the N2 Wild Coast project way back in 2011  – October 2011https://youtu.be/_kCxCVVdS4M

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