Young Pondo boy in grass

SWC is a small organisation committed to listening to, building relationships with, and amplifying the voices of the Amadiba people who are determined to protect their land from destruction. 

SWC is inspired by the Amadiba wisdom and courage to protect the rich cultural landscape of Eastern Pondoland for generations to come, as expressed through their traditional court.  We work to develop a vibrant sustainable local economy based on community-owned ecotourism and agriculture. 

Our Values

  • Respect for equality of all life forms with none having domination over the other.
  • Respect for all cultures, honouring all as being equal.
  • Adoption of better practices towards sustainable living.
  • Recognising that education needs to take place in both head and heart to facilitate action.
  • Recognising the local knowledge and leadership that exists inherently in all communities.

SWC, as a legally constituted Non-Profit Company, supports the Amadiba community through fund-raising, managing funds and providing administrative, networking and advisory support.

SWC has a long and reliable record of mobilising capacity through networking and collaboration, grounded in clear governance and financial reporting. Reg No. 2007/012219/08

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