“If we look after the earth, the earth will look after us” – Sinegugu Zukulu resident of Baleni village.

The Amadiba have much to teach the modern world about pre-colonial culture which can inform the many challenges of our present environmental, social  and economic crises. They challenge us to reconsider what ‘development’ really is and to critique the dominant and destructive ways in which people, places and natural treasures have been exploited by colonialism and modern ‘civilization’.

SWC is working with the Amadiba to establish a resource centre where their rich history and indigenous knowledge can be curated and shared with the wider world. It is hoped that such a centre will become a place of learning and inspiration for local people and visitors from all over the world.

“Imali iyaphela, umhlaba awupheli. Money finishes, the land does not” Samson Gampe, Sigidi village elder.

“The culture of the amaMpondo requires us to pay respect to many places or aspects of the landscape, including burial places, the ocean, sacred river pools, and the abodes of spirits. The customary law of the amaMpondo includes many practices designed to reinforce the importance of showing respect (hlonipha) for the natural environment and landscape that surrounds us.” Sinegugu Zukulu

Watch this beautiful short film about the natural medicinal wealth of the area.