Dusk on the beach at Msikaba

“Going hiking in the Amadiba area is a political act of solidarity – and a walk you will never forget.” – Andrew Bennie, SWC director

Visiting the Amadiba area is one of the ways in which you can support their struggle. If you hike with a local guide and stay in homestays, members of the community will benefit directly from your visit. You will return home, enriched by the experience, in love with Mpondoland and inspired to participate in protecting this place for her people and for generations to come.

SWC is working with the community to establish systems to better market and manage tourism in the area, but until that is achieved please contact us at info@swc.org.za for more information on how to organize your trip. If you are an educator or are in a position where you can organize a group of learners, students, researchers or hikers to visit Amadiba, please put them in contact with us.

A hike through the Amadiba coastal villages is the best outdoor classroom experience ever!

Mpondoland magic completely captured hiker Nikki Brighton. She shares her experience of hiking and eating along the coast, some of the colour, and the incredible plants you will encounter, whether your hike is long or short.