IP Roll-out

The roll-out of the Innovations Programme in villages across the Umtamvuna River from Port St Johns began in May 2012 with funding for a six-month process. This was the first test of the methodology used in the pilot programme in the Amadiba villages. The core Team who ran this programme are the same who assisted with the original programme which was led by an SWC Board member. This time around the Team 'did it themselves' with only mentorship from a Board member. Owing to the limited funding and time only parts of Phases 1 and 2 of the Simbhademe methodology were initiated.

April 2013

Fun times are certainly being had with the result of some of those shown in the article below.............

Pondo festival

The first Pondo RFestival was a huge success. This report by project leader Sinegugu Zukulu. Val Payn was the photographer,

Way' too many people than expected. The whole village of Noqhekwana came in numbers. We also had a good number of tourists from Port St Johns accompanied by some overseas film makers who happened to be coincidentally shooting in Port St johns. Their film will be used by municipality to market PSJ in Singapore. I must say that jungle Monkey Back packers in particular went mad trying to market this to their tourist. The e-mail that John Costello sent to them was printed and pasted on the wall. We spent the night before there and when they had we were the organizers of the event they offered to assist us with anything. if we had electricity on the venue i'm sure they would have given us sound system. Thanks to John Costello for making an effort to advertise to resort owners.

The villages of Noqhekwana and Mthambalala are equally happy about the outcome. The event success went beyond their expectations too. The total donations collected amounted to R1200.00, and were divided by two and given to both villages. the Mthambalala village will be hosting the next event and have decided to keep this money to start a fund for hosting. This is an excellent initiative I must say. there were those who were skeptical about the success of this event in Noqhekwana, but were disappointed when they saw the turnout. We had one ward Councillor present from Noqhekwana. he tendered apology for the PSJ municipality who could not either sponsor or attend the event due to short notice and budgetary constraints. he made a special plea for the municipality to be involved in planning such events in future. I can proudly say we have planted a giant seed which will germinate and grow to a giant Mpondo tree.

We had close to twenty delicious indigenous dishes on display that were cooked and prepared by women and exhibited during this event. The colorful Mpondo colours are told by the attached pictutes that val took. people did their best to try and dress accordingly.

I would like to thank the following for their support for the success of this event: DGMT (D.G. Murray trust): who funded the project that led to this initiative. Margie Pretorious who donated R1000.00 towards transport for the Mthambalala lot.

SWC: for the IP that led to emergence of this event. John Costelo: publicity in Port st Johns. Val Payne : Media release about the event. Jungle Monkey: support Lylie Musgrave: Media and publicity.

Sandy Heather: for being the mother of this snowballing baby called IP (Innovations programme). Simiso Shozi: from Jungle Monkey who has voluntarily come on board to make sure the next one is managed well locally and publicised Core Team:( Nontle, Mzamo, and Nokwanda) for leading from behind to make sure this becomes a success. Noqhekwana and Mthambalala organisisng teams for leading from the front. Villagers who participated to make this real.

Photos by : John Costello

For the next event we need to have banners so that we may keep SWC and other sponsors visible in the event.


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