Purpose and Principles

SWC's purpose is to promote sustainable livelihoods that conserve, rehabilitate and protect the natural environment that provides the ecosystem services on which rural people depend. This is done by means of knowledge sharing, advocacy, research and the execution of programmes directed towards the promotion of community based insights into what action is needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of livelihoods of people who depend on the Wild Coast region.

In addition SWC acts as a 'watchdog' to identify unsustainable and harmful practices that destroy the integrity of the natural environment and threaten the life prospects of current and future generations.

    Our principles
  • Respect for equality of all life forms with none having domination over the other.
  • Respect for all cultures, honouring all as being equal.
  • Adoption of better practices towards sustainable living.
  • Recognising that education needs to take place both in a head and a heart mode in order to facilitate action.
  • Recognising the local knowledge and leadership that exists inherently in all communities.