Innovations Programme (IP)

This is a local economic development (LED) programme which emerges from the core of personal empowerment.

The programme is custom designed for any new area into which it is invited but all have the same 5 core criteria of:

  • local language
  • local belief system
  • local issues
  • Training for Transformation facilitation methodology
  • personal development
It is a methodology of raising the awareness of rural people so as to enable meaningful participation in society on their own terms to be able to contribute towards determining their destinies. The overriding social condition challenging these communities is financial poverty whilst they are rich in other elements of their lives (including biodiversity richness and Ubuntu). IP is specifically aimed at developing the capacity of the people concerned to affect policy decisions for their area, to become self-determined and become stewards of their environment culminating in the initiation of livelihoods micro-projects which will satisfy their financial, ecological and social needs.

The key criteria for success is that the methodology is invited in to an area by the people themselves. Participants are elected from various interest groups within each village. These representatives then outline issues and concerns affecting each respective village. An extensive series of workshops is custom designed to help participants engage constructively with the issues affecting them. As part of the programme, participants are introduced to a network of other organisations that are able to assist with capacity building in particular areas. Experiential visits are undertaken to various projects/places of interest for horizontal learning to take place and this learning incorporated into the relevant livelihoods project decision making for each village. The goal of the programme is to resolve current issues and to build self-esteen so that local economic development can be initiated and thrive.