Lotto Programme

NLDTF funding was gratefully received in December 2014 with the programme beginning in February 2015 after careful selection of fifteen local people to be contracted for a year. The areas of benefit are the Amadiba area (6 villages) south of Port Edward and the villages of Noqhekwana and Mtambalala north of Port St Johns.

The programme in the Amadiba area is a continuation of Simbhademe ("we discover") which was initiated in 2007 and is intended as 'local economic and social development the local way'. The southern villages are a roll-out of this pilot with the participants now having named themselves 'Buyambo' (translated as 'returning to the roots').

This page covers the current story of Simbhademe. Buyambo can be found under Programmes/Innovations Programme/Roll-out/Lotto Programme.


The aim of this year-long programme is to support and better develop food sovereignty and micro-projects through training and mentorship with the intention of strengthening the cultural and social fabric. Funded support is neither guaranteed nor necessarily continuous and hence our focus is always on creating independence. Four Co-ordinators and six Permaculture Extension Officers have been contracted under the leadership of the three members of the Team, each with specific roles and responsibilities.

A portion of the funding is to be put towards infrastructural upgrading of a Traditional Court and a pre-school as well as support and training for a community employed teacher for the school. Formal education is receiving a boost in the form of support for Maths, Science and Environmental Education at a local school.

The locally determined development option for the area is community-based eco-tourism into which all the above feeds in an holistic manner. NLDTF funding will also support a professionally written overall business and tourism plan which will take into account all of the above as well as locally created aspirational development documents which have been put together over the last two years.