The Igqangi Project takes its name from that given by the amaPondo people to Venus - a powerful symbol in their culture. Igqangi is a symbol of new beginnings and a herald of the coming dawn. Igqangi wakes those on long journeys, marking the start of the new day.

Igqangi is an education initiative staffed and run by postgraduate students. Since 2009 we have been working to improve the educational outcomes of the learners attending schools in the Mbizana district with an innovative system of learning workshops open to all who wish to attend.

Hosted by Baleni Senior Secondary School and staffed by teams of 3-5 tutors, these workshops run over the first week of the March, June and September school holidays. The primary focus of the project is Mathematics and Physical Science but classes in English, Electronics, Technical Drawing and Economics are often included too.

We employ a results-oriented approach that emphasises the manner in which key sections of the work are typically examined and draws heavily from past exams and exemplars. The practical approach to the work aims to ensure that learners are familiar with both the theory and the correct method for approaching popular types of examination questions.

We are particularly proud of the class of 2012 whose amazing results and 88.4% pass rate would not have been possible without the continued support of our sponsors.