Sustaining the Wild Coast

Section 21 Association not for gain;

Registration number 2007/012219/08

Notice of Annual General Meeting.

TIME: 14h00
DATE:Saturday 18th August 2012
PLACE:Tony Abbott’s home, Clearwater Farm, D595 Rd (off  rd to Izingolweni), Port Edward

Members of Sustaining the Wild Coast, listed hereunder with email addresses, are hereby called in terms of section 11 of the Articles of Association, to the Annual General Meeting of the association to take place at the time and place detailed above.
This notice will be deemed to have been served on receipt of an email confirmation from the address listed for each member.
Should any member wish to add any item for consideration at the AGM, this should be received before 10th August with accompanying background information.


Ordinary Business

  1. Welcome and introductions.  To introduce any new members and representative members, and register of attendance to ensure a quorum.
  2. Apologies, and lodging of proxy nomination forms (if any).  To receive and minute apologies of any members not able to be present, and ensure due process in completion of proxy nominations forms (to be lodged 48 hours before with company secretary).
  3. Reading, confirmation and adoption of minutes of  AGM held on 28 August 2011. See minutes attached.
  4. Consideration of Reports.  To receive and consider the Annual Financial Report for the Company for the year ending 30 June 2012, together with the Auditors Report and reports from Chair and Communications Coordinator (Val Payn),  Vice Chair (Sinegugu Zukulu), Community Liaison coordinator (Sinegugu Zukulu), Treasurer (Rob McGloughlin) Past Simbhademe Program Coordinator (Sandy Heather) and Past Company Secretary (Sandy Heather).
  5. Election of Board Members.  To determine a body of at least five persons to serve as management committee members for the forthcoming year.   (Such persons need not all be members of the organization, but members of the organization must nevertheless be in majority agreement on such appointments).
  6. Appointment of Auditors.  Nominations for the appointment of auditors.

Special Business

  1. Tabling of Special Resolutions.  Any proposals may be presented to be incorporated as policy.
  2. Formalisation of further members. 
  3. General.  Any other business to be considered, subject to time and urgency.

Andrew Bennie
Company Secretary. 
Tel 0722784315


Mr Sinegugu Zukulu []
Ms Valerie Payn []
The Rt Revd. Geoffrey Davies []   
Ms Sandra Heather []
Mr John Clarke []             
Ms Roberta Musgrave []
Dr Nicholas King []                                             
Mr Anthony Abbott []
Mr John Murphy Costello []                                           
Ms Kate Davies [] 
Mr Robert McGloughlin []
Ms Nobuntu Mazeka []
Mr Andrew Bennie []

2011/2012 Board

Ms Valerie Payn [Chair]
Mr Sinegugu Zukulu [Vice Chair]
Mr Robert McGloughlin [Treasurer]
Ms Sandra Heather [Secretary – acting]
Ms Nobuntu Mazeka
Ms Roberta Musgrave
Ms Kate Davies
Dr Nicholas King
Mr Andrew Bennie [Secretary – incoming]