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In the spirit of Ubuntu and Madiba inspiration. RIP...

What if everything I do to you does also to myself
What if everything you feel I feel too
What if everything I say comes back to me in experience
Your tattered dreams become my broken hopes
Your broken heart becomes my shattered bones
What if my hatred of you pierces my skin
like a wound from a thousand shards of broken glass
that only my love for you can heal
What if the sunshine on my shoulders is your smile is
raindrops on my head on a cloudy day is our tears of laughter
feeding the river of life watering a sun lit rainbow
bouncing off our shoulders holding up the trees
whose life we breathe dancing to a million different harmonies
but all singing along to one single brilliant tune On Earth
What if there is no You or Me, I or They, Mine and Yours
But only Us and Ours
What then, would we do?
Val Payn. 15 Dec 2013

Extractives Assembly, World Social Forum Political Declaration
TUNIS - 31 March 2013

We, organisations assembled here, bear witness to a global extractivist boom that is leading to great misery for many hundreds of millions of the Earth's people and destroying the very basis for life and its reproduction in significant parts of the Global South, and also the Global North. It is corporations, financiers and the rich that benefit, and not the majority of peasant and working class peoples. This extractivist, growth fixated and profit oriented maldevelopment model is expanding capital's reach and destroying our common goods of water, land, air, forests and oceans. In this phase of global capitalism, power relations are shifting, with emerging economies and corporations of the Global South joining the traditional actors of the Global North in plundering and colonising the natural resources of South and North. Extractivism is not just the activity of resource extraction but a development model, which organises the political, socio-economic, gender and cultural dynamics within society and the state and its institutions.

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A new publication from the Centre for Environmental Rights WHEN MINES BREAK


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Co-option, Subversion and Offensive Exploitation.

The failure of Cooperative Governance for the Amadiba Community of the Eastern Cape.

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