Public Participation

What does 'consultation' mean?

Consult - have deliberations with; seek information or advice from; take into consideration feelings/ interests. Oxford English Dictionary.

'Consultation' is one of those words that is sprinkled about the world like confetti at a wedding. It is a word much beloved by politicians (especially near election time), developers, business leaders and anyone else trying to persuade recalcitrant members of the public to accept something the public might have reservations about. It often means either 'We will go through the motions but our minds are already made up, so whatever you say will not make the slightest difference'; or "We will make a pretense of listening, and make a few minor adjustments to appease you and give the impression we have taken account of what you say, but nothing fundamental will change".

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Public Participation - NEMA s2(4)(f), (g), (h), (q)

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